FMH Precision Solutions FAQS

This sales season, consider offering FMH Precision Solutions as an added benefit to your customers and your agency. Precision Tech Specialist (PTS) Marc Husman answers agents’ frequently asked questions leading into the new year.

How can Precision Solutions help streamline processes, especially for smaller agencies with only 1-2 agents?

For agents, Precision Solutions means less paperwork and hassle, streamlined processes like less keying, and faster claims. Precision Claims are faster for adjusters, so it also helps to take a load off your adjuster.

I know that starting something new can seem like a lot of work, especially for a small agency. That’s why I like to emphasize you are not alone when starting and learning Precision Solutions. A dedicated PTS will be there to help you every step of the way!


What’s the best way to identify precision customers?

As you’re having meetings this spring, just ask! We have some great resources that will be good conversation starters between an agent and insured. We have an informative Intro to Precision Solutions booklet that provides an overview of the farmer’s processes and the benefits. We also have a fillable PDF or form that can be printed that asks questions about precision technology and equipment. This not only helps to guide the conversation, but it’s also a great document for your PTS to determine how to help get the farmer set up if they choose to move forward with Precision Solutions.

If you see them using maps to report acreage or production, that’s a good sign they have precision technology and are already using it to capture the same data needed for insurance.


I’m not well educated on how precision technology works. How can I learn more so I know what I’m talking about when I talk to my insured?

We definitely don’t want you to go into these conversations blind about the technology! I think the best place to start is with our Precision Tech Tuesday webinars. Every other week we offer an intro webinar that explains how data is collected on the farm right to how it’s used in FMHA. We also offer webinars about agent and farmer processes, system walk-throughs, and more. Webinars are every Tuesday at 2 p.m. central time.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your PTS. We are here to support you and answer any questions at any time!


What happens if my farmer loses their GPS signal on their planter when planting?

We can still take the precision data for the acres they did record and use 578’s for the remaining acres. The farmer and agent still benefit from electronic, online reporting, and the farmer can report their precision data as soon as they are done planting. Which means the agent can still process a portion of the acres early and then finalize the report when they receive the missing data.


I have a customer who is interested, what do I do next?

If you’re still new to Precision Solutions, you can call your PTS! We can meet with your farmer – either over the phone, over Zoom, or in person, and talk through their process and answer any questions. If you have multiple interested customers, we can set up a workshop to talk through the process and get them set up in the FMH Policyholder

Center (PHC).

Before they can transfer precision data to you, they will need to set up their PHC account. If they use John Deere Operations Center™ or Climate FieldView™, they will need to link those accounts to their PHC account, which they do within the Policyholder Center.

Agents now have access to view their customers’ PHC accounts, so they can see everything their customer is doing and be as involved as they want to be.


Do I need to understand FMHA Mapping to do Precision Solutions?

Yes, agents must work with precision data in FMHA Mapping before it will appear in the policy. FMH offers multiple training videos and live webinars, as well as in-person training with a PTS. Our underwriting team, in-office precision team members, and even trainers can also help you at any point along the way.


Does my insured have to use precision data for both planting and harvest? Can they just do one or the other?

Insureds do not need to use precision data for all processes. In fact, depending on the type of crop or equipment, they may only be able to provide data during planting or harvest and that’s okay. We will take precision data at any point in the year – reporting acres, reporting production, claims, or APH reviews.

If the insured wants to use their precision production data for a hard record in a claim or APH review, they do need to have both planting and harvest precision data. Otherwise, if they are missing precision planting data, we will still use their production data as a soft record, which still saves the adjuster time.