How Precision Data Improved Crop Insurance for One Agent-Farmer

FMH agent Jeana Harms shared how precision data has improved her operation and agency in Agri-Pulse’s December 2022 webinar “How Precision Pays With Crop Insurance.”

FMH sponsored this webinar, which highlighted how utilizing FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ is not only efficient but cost-effective and improves the claim process. 

Harms has worked as an agent at Agri-Risk Solutions, a family-owned agency in western Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for the last 15 years. She also farms, growing corn, sugar beets, dry beans, and wheat. Her grandpa, also a farmer, instilled a passion in her for ways to keep doing things better with his early adoption of irrigation pivots. Learn more about her experience with excerpts from the webinar below.

Why It’s Important to Her 

“When I started in crop insurance in 1998, precision technology was just starting to emerge. We couldn’t use this information to report for crop insurance.” Harms described how her agency worked with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) then to get information on a policy. 

Harms explained, “Technology has been a huge driver in both of my businesses, so utilizing precision on my farm helps with accurate seeding of varieties and fertilization, and it has helped my yields.” 

“Using it to bring policy data in now takes away those human errors and it makes the process a lot more seamless.” - Jeana Harms FMH Agent

How It Improves Customer Service
“With precision we save our customers quite a lot of time and money by getting them paid on claims quicker, instead of having to sit down with them for two hours to go over all these maps of where they planted,” Harms said. 

The process not only saves time, but premium paid with more accurate acres. “We're able to save them on premium because we're actually insuring the number of planted acres that are out there, instead of what everybody is thinking is on that field from an old map.”

She described being able to use the same information for reporting with the FSA as an added benefit when reporting with precision data.

Her Advice to Other Agents

Harms touts partnering with Farmers Mutual Hail and its Precision Solutions team as her secret to success after offering the service for her agency. She said, “They have the tools that can help you learn those things. Then we're all able to help the farmer and do things better, which has always been a huge passion of mine.”

When faced with freezing temps in May, Harms was able to help her sugar beet growers receive replant claim payments in the same month. That’s two months sooner than when they had to certify acres at the FSA before having access to Precision Solutions. Which, to her, makes the reward of helping her farming customers even sweeter.

Watch the Full Webinar
Watch the webinar recording on Agri-Pulse’s website to learn more about how precision data can make crop insurance better for you and your customers.