Precision Cuts Compliance Review from 30 Days to 4 Hours

What a difference ten years can make! South Dakota agent Steve Koenig recently helped a customer with a 2022 compliance review – just like he had in 2012 – except this time around, the customer was using precision records.

In 2012, the review took 30 days to complete. In 2022, the review only took four hours, thanks to Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™.

“The producer keeps good records,” said Koenig of the 3,000-acre operation. “In 2012, we needed to verify 2011 production. Gathering settlement sheets, livestock feeding records, and answering questions from the compliance specialist took a month.”

Fast forward ten years, and Koenig and his customer have incorporated Precision Solutions into the process. Using a precision planting map, harvest wet-weight map, and calibration report, an FMH adjuster can verify a loss without needing to gather bin measurements or other records, saving time and reducing appointments. If the farmer reports acreage and production with precision data, the records are already in FMH's system, and the adjuster can pull the records right away. 

“For the 2022 loss, I informed my compliance contact that I had a high dollar loss around noon, and by 5 p.m., they confirmed the 2021 production and cleared the claim,” Koenig explained. “The producer said, ‘You are kidding, I was starting to get together the documents I needed in 2012!’”

Koenig, who has been an FMH agent for 30 years and is with Progressive Marketing Strategies, Inc. of Yankton, South Dakota, was familiar with precision technology before using it to enhance crop insurance processes. “Accuracy on location and row shut-offs made me comfortable with trying out precision,” he said. 

The level of service FMH provides agents is what helped him decide to offer Precision Solutions for his customers. “The assigned precision tech specialist who assisted me made the process work and was a good back up to ask questions,” he added.