John Deere Connection Allows for Roadside Reporting

Iowa farmer Reece Miller has been using his John Deere precision data for FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ for less than a year, but he is already experiencing the benefits of fast and easy reporting.

It’s so easy, he decided to report his production from the side of the road!

This past February, Miller contacted his Precision Technology Specialist, Branden Plummer, after discussing production reporting with his FMH agent. Plummer explained the step-by-step process of reporting his production through the FMH Policyholder Center, which was new to Miller since the John Deere Connection launched in the system this past winter.

Branden PlummerI talked Reece through the process while he was driving. I explained how it was just a few clicks in the Policyholder Center and added that he could even report on his phone using the FMH Mobile app. So he decided to just report right then and there!
- Branden Plummer Precision Technology Specialist

Miller pulled over to the side of the road and downloaded the FMH Mobile app. From there, he kept Plummer on the line to walk him through reporting his production in the FMH Policyholder Center.

“For those that reported John Deere precision data last year, this process is new but not complicated – in fact, I think it’s easier since the Policyholder Center is also where the farmer uploads their calibration forms,” Plummer explained.

First, a producer needs to connect their Policyholder Center account to their John Deere Operations Center™ account. In this important step the farmer grants permission for FMH to pull only specific data from their John Deere account, keeping the security and data access in the hands of the farmer. 

Once connected, they report by selecting the type of data, year, and fields to transmit (this is the same data used in traditional reporting methods), and then they simply click submit to send to their agent. The agent can access this data through the Precision Data Manager in the FMH Agent Center to process and generate a production report.

“All I had to do was verify data was in MyJohnDeere and click send within my FMH Policyholder Center account. It really is an easy process,” said Miller.

It took only a few minutes for Miller to report his data. After he was done, he called his agent to let him know his data was submitted and should be ready for him to process for the report. 

“I appreciate being with a company that helps me use my precision data further,” Miller added. “This makes my crop insurance simple!”

The FMH Policyholder is connected to the John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView™ for seamless reporting in minutes. Customers can also upload precision data from nearly every brand of Farm Management Software (FMS) for fast, electronic reporting right in the Policyholder Center.

Agents can contact their Sales Manager or Precision Technology Specialist to learn more about the benefits of FMH Precision Solutions or go to