FMH Policyholder Center + John Deere Connection

A new way for policyholders to submit John Deere precision data to FMH launched early this year.

The new FMH Policyholder Center + John Deere connection replaces the old method of submitting acreage and production through the John Deere Operations Center™.

What is the FMH Policyholder Center + John Deere Connection?
Instead of sending data to FMH within the John Deere Operations Center, policyholders can now submit their data to their agent directly from the FMH Policyholder Center. This not only brings all policyholder precision needs into the Policyholder Center, but it simplifies the agent process too.

The old method in the John Deere Operations Center has been removed from the system, making this new connection the preferred method for policyholders to submit John Deere data to FMH.

How the new connection works:

  1.  Policyholder connects their FMH Policyholder Center (PHC) account to their John Deere Operations Center account 
  2. Policyholder submits planting or harvest data with just a few clicks in the PHC
  3. Agent receives notification to begin processing data for acreage or production reporting

Why are we changing how a policyholder submits their John Deere data?
FMH continues to enhance Precision Solutions to streamline the insurance process and ensure our partnerships serve the shared customer. By aligning the John Deere data submission process with other precision reporting processes in the Policyholder Center, FMH now offers a single platform for all a policyholder’s precision needs. 

With an in-house system and process, data is secure, self-contained, and remains exclusively with the insurance company and in the hands of the grower - a goal of both John Deere and FMH.

“It is exciting for us to maintain a relationship with Deere where we continue to work for the best interest of the customer,” said Dawn Stoppelmoor, Assistant Vice President – Business Development. “Data privacy and data security are important concerns to our customers, the kind that keep them up at night.”