Record Breaking Attendance at CIPA Spring Meeting

FMH employees recently attended the 2021 CIPA Spring Meeting, contributing to this year’s record attendance.

Dave Kahle, FMH Assistant Vice President and Regional Sales Manager, and Chock Hefner, Strategic Account Manager, had the opportunity to represent FMH as members, learn more about industry topics, and network with agents at the event in May. 

What is CIPA? 
The Crop Insurance Professionals Association (CIPA) is an organization made up of agents from across the United States who are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening federal crop insurance for American farmers. 

About the 2021 CIPA PAC Spring Meeting
With over 200 attendees, the 2021 CIPA Political Action Committee (PAC) meeting was the organization’s largest May event yet. Ticket sales, live and silent auctions, along with donations from the event raised nearly $263,000 to support the CIPA PAC education and outreach efforts, a personal best for the organization. 

What Topics Were Covered at the Event?
Speakers from industry organizations, legislative members, and federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency, presented on climate-related initiatives, the state of the farming economy, and policy updates.  

Why are events like this important for FMH and the crop insurance industry? 
Events like the CIPA PAC meeting not only raise funds to lobby for protecting crop insurance, but they also allow the opportunity for agents to network and work with several important industry players.