Annual Adjuster Event Connects Customer Experience to Company Mission

Nearly 400 people gathered virtually to attend the National Claims Conference (NCC) this February 16-17. As one of FMH’s major training events, the conference includes adjusters and staff from multiple areas of the business. The conference featured topics for adjusters to prepare for claims season, provide excellent customer experiences, and help understand the importance of their role to the company.

“It’s about being prepared for the upcoming year, but it’s much more than that,” said Jim Wilson, Assistant Vice President of Claims. “This event is total FMH at a very high level. We’re focusing on total farm solutions. Not only do we have crop insurance sessions, but we also have our property and casualty team here and our reinsurance group too.”

With sales presentations and featured topics on precision technology, customer surveys, new products, and corporate strategy, the event provides a lot of value to both FMH and its customers who engage with its claims staff. Attendees have the opportunity to learn and develop professionally and personally. Keynote speaker Kevin Brown inspired conference-goers with his presentation on “The Hero Effect.” 

Attendees also received updates on the latest adjusting procedures, which change frequently. One of the major changes for 2021 is the expansion of the Prairie Pothole rules for prevented planting claims. Previously applying in just five northern states, these rules have now expanded nationwide. The Prairie Pothole rules require any potential qualifying prevented planting acres to be planted, insured, and harvested in one of the last four years. 

Other training procedures included updates on the new Quality Loss Option, and the importance of adjusters capturing both “pre- and post-quality” production on all claims. Adjusters prepare to help agents and policyholders with questions on changes like these, but also spend time in sessions that cover tips and tricks for their job. 

Wilson added, “We really do look to our agents as business partners, and to me, having that well-rounded adjuster is very important to our agents and our policyholders.” Throughout the NCC event, Wilson explained how the focus is on why everyone does their part – to provide financial security and peace of mind to the American farmer, and to protect livelihoods.