Harvest Update from the Field

As summer quickly transitioned into fall this September, harvest began early across parts of the U.S. The October 5 USDA Crop Progress Report noted that around 25 percent of corn, 38 percent of soybeans, and 17 percent cotton have been harvested, and over one-third of grain sorghum has been harvested.

Hear from some of FMH’s regional claims managers how harvest is looking this year in their regions, and what we can expect in the coming months. 

“We are headed into the 2020 harvest with much more optimism compared to the last couple of years in the Northern Region. We saw record rainfall amounts in 2019 and that made for a very challenging harvest season, but 2020 gave us a tremendous growing season with crops looking great in most areas and are maturing very quickly. There will be pockets of South Dakota that got too dry this summer, severe hail in central/southern Minnesota, excess moisture and early frost damage in North Dakota and northern Minnesota, but overall, producers are optimistic about their crops.” - Chad Groen RCM – Northern Region

“What a difference a year can make! In the Great Lakes Region, we are just getting started with harvest. Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky could perhaps see some record yields in both corn and beans. Ohio and Michigan will have a mixed bag. It will be the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ when it comes to who got the rain and who didn’t. Just one more thing Mother Nature threw at us in her bag of tricks for 2020!” - Matt Miller RCM – Great Lakes Region

“In the Far West Region, due to our unusually dry conditions, harvest started early and has the potential to be finished earlier than normal. Even though the dryland crops were short on production, our irrigated crops appear to be average to above average production. Early sugar beet harvest had yields of 30-40 tons per acre, with normal being 25-35 tons per acre. Potato harvest is going well, and yields are as expected. The corn harvested as silage was average to above average with yields from 185- 240 bushels per acre. The wildfires continue to plague California crops, primarily grapes. - Mike Steenson RCM – Far West Region

“The corn crop is going to be pretty good throughout the Mid-Southwest Region. Corn harvest has gone very well in the Blacklands of Texas with minimal losses, and the corn harvest in Kansas has just begun. The southeastern part of the region has shown some aflatoxin issues, though high moisture corn is being harvested elsewhere with real good yields being reported. Soybeans and grain sorghum have not had enough harvested to get a good feel on production. The consensus is that cotton production will be less than expected. The cotton crop in west Texas has really suffered this year due to a lack of moisture. Very little rain during August and September have had some effects on the overall finish of the row crops throughout most of the region.” - Bruce Van Loenen RCM – Mid-Southwest Region

“Rice and corn harvest are in full swing in the Delta Region. Rice yields have been coming in at 150-220 bushels per acre and corn yields from 180-200 bushels per acre. Northwest Missouri corn yields have been from 175-205 bushels per acre. Cotton and soybeans will begin harvest this month and yields appear to be good overall.” - Daren Cunningham RCM – Delta Region