FMH Invests in Innovative Insurance and Agtech in Startups

Startup companies in two different Iowa-based accelerator programs recently completed final presentations for their business programs. FMH is a founding investor in both the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) and Iowa Agritech Accelerator (IATA) programs and actively participates in mentoring new startup participants.

In late September, startup founders in the IATA took part in FMH’s virtual practice Demo Day to present their new technologies to leadership and their mentors for feedback and suggestions. The FMH Demo Day simulated a venture capitalist presentation with full product presentations and direction from the “investor” audience. 

At the event, FMH Business Development Manager Dawn Stoppelmoor explained how FMH uses precision technology to enhance the customer experience and how future tools from startups fit into FMH’s business strategy. She added, “Tech tools and data will drive a deeper understanding of risk in agriculture and will create new farmer-specific risk management  solutions and pricing.”

The FMH Demo Day helped prepare startup companies in the IATA cohort for the more formal, Accelerator Demo Day in mid-October, held virtually and in conjunction with events hosted by the World Food Prize. 

The Global Insurance Accelerator also hosted its startup company presentations during the same week, known as InsurTech Week. InsurTech week, which took place virtually from October 12-16, gave representatives from the insurance industry the chance to learn about startups, network, and connect for investment opportunities. 

As a leader in providing innovative insurance solutions, FMH fosters business relationships with insurance and agriculture industry accelerators like the IATA and GIA to learn about emerging technology and further develop new talent. FMH Bridge, powered by FindBob, is a recent example of one startup FMH has partnered with to provide agents with a succession planning platform tool.