Nebraska Farmer Sees Long-Term Benefits of Precision Solutions

Third-generation farmer Will Corman chooses FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ to improve his coverage and simplify his operation.

Third-generation farmer Will Corman chooses to use FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ to bring more accuracy to his crop insurance and improve his coverage. After reporting with his precision data for several years, Will has noticed the long-term benefits from insuring exactly what he is planting.

“Looking back at it now, it seems like such an easy decision,” he said. “First thing I noticed was the improved yields using the precision data instead of the FSA data. I would see a one- to five-bushel difference in yield average – which doesn’t seem like a lot but that makes a difference. Then, we were able to build up our crop history and APH to build a stronger database. Only paying on the acres you actually plant was an economical benefit as well.”

Will farms outside of Hardy, Nebraska, with his father, uncle, and cousin on the farm his grandfather built. After working as a product engineer for John Deere after college, he decided to move back to the family farm in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. Together, under the operating name Tri-C Farms Inc., his family farms nearly 5,000 acres of no-till corn, soybeans, and wheat. Twenty percent of their acres are irrigated with six pivots and some flood irrigation. Additionally, they run 100 head of fall cow/calf pairs.
“Farming is in our blood, and it’s what we enjoy doing. We take pride in being good stewards of the land and utilize a lot of conservation practices,” Will added.

ne farmer quotePrecision ag technology has helped them make data-driven decisions about their operation over the years, ensuring they get the most out of their land and conservation practices. Incorporating the precision data they are already collecting into their crop insurance also brought efficiencies to their processes.

“I was big on managing the data and putting the data to work for the operation and this was a great application. It’s efficient,” he said. “The digital side of it is more convenient, and I do enjoy that as well.”

FMH Precision Solutions enhances crop insurance by using a farmer’s planting and harvest precision data for more accurate acreage and production reporting. It also simplifies processes like claims by reducing paperwork, and FMH’s exclusive connections to popular FMS brands allow seamless, electronic reporting directly from the FMS to the FMH agent, saving time for both farmers and agents.

“It’s a great tool to utilize on a farm that is using precision data. It’s a clean and efficient way of doing documentation,” Will explained. “The biggest thing for us was the accuracy: pay to insure the acres you actually plant and build your yield history with the actual acres you farm.”

While the benefits seemed straightforward, Will still had a lot of questions before starting FMH Precision Solutions.

“My agent mentioned Precision Solutions and introduced me to Branden Plummer, a Precision Tech Specialist (PTS) from FMH. From there it was a working relationship on the how and why,” he recalled. “I had lots of questions and Branden was able to answer them or found someone who could. I’m big on relationship-based service, and Branden has been outstanding; I have enjoyed working with him.”

Through every step of the process, FMH has been there to assist Will with the high-quality service he had come to expect from the company.