Precision Solutions: Precision Simplifies APH Reviews

Learn how precision ag data can be used to simplify a crop insurance review using FMH Precision Solutions.

Precision Solutions: Planting the Seed November 2019

If a farmer is using FMH Precision Solutions for either reporting or claims, they are already gathering the accurate information needed to provide total production numbers to support a 3-year APH review – no more load logs, bin measurements, or other time-consuming paperwork to dig through during a review.


How It Works


A Review is Triggered

When a review is triggered by a high-dollar claim, conflict of interest, or other RMA-directed reason, the farmer will be notified by FMH and will need to set up an appointment with an FMH Compliance Specialist.

 Gather Precision Records

The farmer will need to gather their precision records for the years under review, many of which can be produced from their Farm Management Software (FMS), including:

  • Planting Seeding Maps*
  • Harvest Wet-weight Maps*
  • Documented Calibration Reports

This eliminates the need to search through additional records and paperwork, which could also be less accurate.

*If precision data has been submitted to FMH for acreage and production reporting, FMH can use the reported data for an insured's maps, which means the insured needs to gather even fewer documents for a review.

The Review Appointment

During the appointment, the farmer just needs to provide their prepared maps and calibration reports to their FMH Compliance Specialist. After the records have been verified and processed, the farmer will be asked to look over and sign-off on the review.

If all records are accurate and complete, this entire appointment can be done in less than an hour!


AdjusterFarmerReviewMaps RMA Accuracy Requirements

Beginning with the 2018 crop year, RMA now requires reported production be within 5% accuracy or the farmer could face penalties, including using assigned yields for that APH year’s actual yield and loss of optional units. If a grower is providing acceptable data for FMH Precision Solutions, they will be within the 5% tolerance requirement by RMA.