Committed to providing a new reporting method in time for acreage reporting, the FMH and Climate teams knew ...

When the new FMH and Climate FieldView™ connection launched in June, agents and farmers alike were concerned about planting falling behind schedule. The unpredictable spring weather meant reporting could be delayed, pushing it closer to the Acreage Reporting Deadline.

Committed to providing a new reporting method in time for acreage reporting, the FMH and Climate teams knew the connection had to work efficiently and effectively upon the release– time not a luxury for farmers this year.

“FMH and The Climate Corporation both put many hours into testing the new technology. We even worked with a select group of agents and farmers to test the connection and reporting features before rolling it out to everyone,” said FMH’s Business Development Manager Dawn Stoppelmoor.

The testing and attention to detail paid off. After the new FMH + FieldView connection launched within the FMH Crop Policyholder Center, policyholders and agents began sharing their positive feedback.

“The new FMH + FieldView integration dramatically simplified and reduced the amount of time it took to get acres from FieldView into FMH mapping, and it also seemed to increase the reliability and accuracy of the import,” said Jason Eden of Eden Agency, Inc. in Ceresco, Nebraska. “It actually made it enjoyable to import precision acres!”

To submit acres through this new connection, policyholders access their FMH Policyholder Center account and follow the steps to integrate their FieldView™ account. When they have planting data to submit, they simply log into the Policyholder Center, select the data type and year, and submit their data. The data is available in FMHA immediately. Agents receive a notification when data is available in the FMHA data manager and then they proceed accordingly to generate an acreage report for a signature.

“Once the connection between FieldView and FMH is established – which is a one-time effort and fairly easy to do – getting acres from FieldView to FMH is literally as easy as a click of a couple buttons. The previous process was very tedious and time consuming, and often required many attempts to get all the data to pull through,” Eden added.

Jason-Eden-FMH-AgentThis is a game changer in ease of use from farmer and agent perspectives. The power and control are in the farmer’s hands.

- Jason Eden, FMH Agent

Dawn-Stoppelmoor-FMH-BI-ManagerMore and more farmers are recording and analyzing their data electronically. Why not set up ways to securely and seamlessly share that data for crop insurance reporting purposes? We’re making those connections through FMH Precision Solutions. We not only work to put these connections in place, but we have the staff to support our policyholders and agents every step of the way.


- Dawn Stoppelmoor, FMH Business Development Manager

The FMH + FieldView connection is the latest in multiple connections FMH systems has built with popular farm management software, including John Deere, Apex, and SMS. Through these connections, FMH is taking the traditional reporting process from hours to minutes and pages of paperwork to just a few simple clicks on a computer.

Stoppelmoor added that FMH accepts data from any FMS whether FMH has a direct connection with the FMS or not. Policyholders can electronically provide their data to their agent through an automated reporting process like MyJohnDeere or FieldView, or they can use a secure data file-sharing service or external drive where the agent will be able to upload the data into FMH systems.

“I think [my customers] like the fact that the precision system they have chosen to use is so directly supported by and connected to their insurance company and policy,” said Eden.

Agents and policyholders interested in using the new FMH + FieldView connection can talk to their Precision Technology Specialist about using it for production reporting – even if they did not use it for acreage reporting.

“We’re very excited this technology was successful for acreage reporting and look forward to offering it for production reporting,” added Stoppelmoor. “We really feel this technology is only the beginning of what FMH and Climate can provide together.”