Precision Solutions: Identifying Precision Candidates

Determining which producers are ready to incorporate Precision Solutions into the crop insurance process.

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Successful reporting and claims with Precision Solutions start with proper recording, calibration, and data organization using the producer's precision equipment and FMS (Farm Management Software). With such a wide range of precision farming products available, producers may be at different stages of capability and knowledge when it comes to precision technology.



Identifying Policyholder Candidates for Precision Solutions

FMH agents should ask specific questions about the producer's precision equipment and processes to identify if they are ready to incorporate Precision Solutions into their operation. Start with the FMH Policyholder Qualification Form, which focuses on the following precision technology areas:

Ask About: Farm Management Software
  • FMH can accept data from a variety of FMS systems. If the producer is not using a FMS, it will be more challenging to transfer the data from their precision equipment to their agent for reporting.


Ask about: Equipment Capabilities
  • A producer needs precision capabilities in both their planting and harvest equipment to qualify for a Precision Claim. If they do not have precision capabilities in both, they can still use Automated Crop Reporting (ACR) to report either acreage or production.


Ask About: Current Precision Procedures
  • It's important to know what the producer is already recording and what they may need to start recording for Precision Solutions. They should also understand the calibration requirements needed for crop insurance, as well as how to set up fields to align with FMH standards.


After completing the FMH Policyholder Qualification Form, the agent can determine if the producer is ready for Precision Solutions and can discuss next steps with their Sales Manager or Precision Technology Specialist.


bottom expert graphicFMH is the Expert

FMH has a dedicated precision team tasked with staying up to date on RMA regulations pertaining to Precision Solutions and new precision ag products on the market, while being one of the go-to resources for agents and employees when questions or training needs arise.

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