Precision Catches Mistake in New York Replant Claim

The accuracy of using precision data for a replant claim saved a Seneca Falls, NY insured from overpaying his insurance premium.

In the spring of 2017, FMH Adjuster Jed Beshore was contacted by a Seneca, New York insured to adjust for a replant claim. Luckily for the farmer, using precision data allowed Beshore to catch an error that would have cost him extra premium.

“Reviewing the acres for replant were easy: we had copies of the planting map and replant maps. The error was discovered when the planted acres from his precision data didn’t even come close to the acres reported to the FSA office,” said Beshore.

The farmer was able to pinpoint the problem because of the accuracy of his precision data.

“When we tried to verify the total acres to insure, we noticed we had a problem. We ask the insured to print all his plant maps, and he discovered that he had keyed some of the spraying acres as planted acres – therefore inflating the number of reported acres,” added Beshore.

The farmer, who had been through the Precision Claim process the previous year, was impressed by the results and grateful that the error was uncovered. He immediately sent the corrected data to his insurance agent, who provided it to FMH underwriters.

“If this was not a Precision Claim, the acres used would have been based off his FSA 578 report – which means he would have been paying extra premium for insurance,” said Beshore.

Precision Replant Claims Requirements

If a farmer is using precision ag technology while planting, the data collected can easily be used to verify a replant claim. The farmer just needs to provide planting maps and replant maps for the adjuster.