Precision Claim Saves Time in Western Iowa

Precision Solutions reduces the claim process from hours to minutes.

This past fall, a claim that would have taken J.R. Oliphant, FMH Field Claims Supervisor II, hours to adjust using traditional methods, took only 45 minutes to complete due to FMH’s Precision Claims process.

“I didn’t have to measure five to six bins or handle a lot of paperwork. In the past, adjusting claims for this farmer took half a day,” Oliphant explained. 

Oliphant had adjusted claims at this 2,000 acre Onawa, Iowa farm in previous years, but this year was different. The farmer uses precision ag technology throughout his operation, and had prepared the proper planting and harvest maps, as well as calibration records, for Oliphant to use for adjusting – which meant Oliphant didn’t need to sift through handwritten records, bin measurements, or settlement sheets.

“There was actually a discrepancy between the irrigated and non-irrigated ground, but the maps showed the pivot boundary perfectly,” he said. “Having accurate precision maps made it easy to figure out.” 

To complete a Precision Claim, FMH adjusters only need these three pieces of documentation to verify losses: an acceptable seeding map, an acceptable harvest wet-weight map showing the acres and the production from the different units, along with an acceptable calibration report. The maps should be generated from what the farmer is using for Farm Management Software (FMS), and some FMS will even provide calibration records, or these can be maintained manually by the farmer. 

After obtaining all of the necessary records, Oliphant adjusted the claim within 45 minutes, and the paperwork was ready to sign. Using the new e-signature function for FMH claims, the farmer only needed to sign once.

“He commented how easy it all was. He liked that he only needed to sign once instead of ten times,” Oliphant said.

A process that would have traditionally taken the adjuster hours to complete with multiple touch points and time with the farmer, was reduced to less than an hour – and took up much less of the farmer’s time – with FMH’s Precision Solutions. The time-savings with Precision Solutions lets the farmer get back to work even sooner, and allows adjusters more time to process other claims.